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        Shenzhen World Surgery Medical Device Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2001, which is a high-tech enterprise with production, academy and research together. The company successively cooperates with many famous domestic universities and dedicates to development and production of biomaterial of human tissue repair & reconstruction, medical high polymers and tissue project material. Our products are applied to Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial mouth cavity surgery, ordinary surgery, heart-chest surgery, Orthopaedics and Hand-foot surgery.

        The company has 10 years history and with the Purpose of operation of safety & top quality, exploration & innovation, sustainable development, which developed and manufactured ten kinds of products, got the ISO13485 certificate and CE approval, owned 16 patents with independent intellectual properties, established the cooperation relationship with 300 outstanding enterprises. Our sales website covers China and overseas countries. "生物橋"products provide the best solutions for more than one hundred thousand patients all over the world and win Accreditation and praise from patients, doctors, customers, employees and society.

        In the future development, the company will be always with professional, dedicated and responsible attitude to be based on China market and exploring overseas market and do the best to provide better products & service for more patients. 

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