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    The 5th China Bioindustry Convention 2011

    2011-06-20 16:04:49



       Our company attended The 5th China Bioindustry Convention 2011 held in Shenzhen City from June 17-19, 2011.
      “The 5th China Bioindustry Convention”will be sponsored by Chinese Society of Biotechnology, other 17 national-level societies/associations, and Science Times in association with The People’s Government of Shenzhen. The convention will take “Cultivating Bioindustry, Developing Green Economy” as the main theme, hold bioindustry development submit forum, special topic forum, meeting of project matching between government, enterprises, R & D institutions and bioindustry financing introduction, large-scale professional exhibition activities etc., put up a comprehensive platform for domestic and overseas organizations and enterprises engaging in biotechnological and bioindustrial research and development on policy seminar, academic exchange, product display project cooperation, financing and investment matching, promote bioindustrial upgrading and economic growth, and facilitate China’s bioindustrial innovation and development.


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